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Mr. Stanbury has been in construction and design for upwards of 40 years. Born in Hampshire, England, he spent his childhood on military bases in Gibraltar, Malta and Germany regarding his father who had previously been a security officer in the British Army. Mr. Stanbury studied architecture at Chepstow Military College in Wales. After leaving Chepstow, he joined Naismith Engineering in Portsmouth, a design, research and development engineering company. There he worked a number of the top engineers through the day, designing components for that Hawker Siddley Harrier jump jet project, the initial vertical takeoff jet on the planet.

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Mr. Stanbury left England in 1969 to pursue his career in architecture and construction with WC French, a uk development company from the Bahamas. He soon started as a possible assistant and quickly took over as project foreman, owning a crew of 200 men in the building of high-rise buildings. The work soon took him on the outer islands where he labored on high-end custom beachfront homes on Treasure Key and Great Harbor Key.

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In 1976, Mr. Stanbury transferred to New York City where he was awarded contracts to style and create homes for most high-profile celebrities and businessmen. Mr. Stanbury designed and remodeled actor Robert De Niro%u2019s three-story Tribeca loft. After that project, he became Mr. De Niro%u2019s consultant for his Tribeca film center, a ten-story facility containing the Tribeca Grill, production offices, studios along with a 70-seat, state-of-the-art THX screening room. Mr. Stanbury also excelled from the film and video post-production facilities field, working with such entities since the award-winning Manhattan Transfer Edit Studios. In 1989, Mr. Stanbury won the Manhattan Transfer/Edit Facility Achievement Award.

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In 1992, Mr. Stanbury gone to live in Miami Beach, Florida, where he designed and built many high-end waterfront homes. After that great devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he dedicated himself to designing and building hurricane-resistant homes that could keep their occupants safe and sustainable after and during damaging storms.

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In 2014, Mr. Stanbury was invited to Sarasota, Florida to development the seaside home on Lido Key. It will likely be today’s, curvilinear, yacht-inspired 15,000 sq . ft ., cutting-edge, hands-free, voice-activated smart home. Mr. Stanbury%u2019s goal is to use probably the most advanced, innovative technologies to create one-of-a-kind, sculptured homes. He’s got also launched into designing unique, geometrically-balanced homes that could expand from 3,000 to,000 sq ft, inside a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

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