Can Online Marketing Make a Difference in a city Like Ocala?



Ocala has a small town charm to it that make residents feel like a community, but still provide everything a larger city has.  However, many business owners are still stuck in the stone ages of marketing.  In today’s society most consumers are online, so wouldn’t it be smart to advertise where most of your buyer’s are?  The internet provides a way to reach your targeted customers unlike any other in human history.  Many business owners are savvy enough to handle it on their own while others trust consultants or marketing firms to handle it for them.  Continue to read to see the reason why you need Ocala Marketing.





Your Ocala website is your calling card.  It will determine if a customer will pick up the phone and call you or email you.  The design of your site needs to intrigue the visitor to want to learn more or to take a call to action.  Bright colors and interesting fonts can draw the eye, but content is king.  Many business owners don’t know how to write a landing page, so consult an expert to do it for you if you can’t do it on your own.


Consider sites such as Amazon who have spent millions upon millions of dollars in marketing and design so that you the consumer will buy a product through their website without ever meeting a person.  How did they do that?  How did they build the trust so much that you felt safe and secure buying something without ever leaving your home or checking out at a register?  This is what your website needs to convey – trust.


You might consider using flash to catch the eye of visitors to your site.  You can use flash for your logo to get people to slow down and look at your site.  However, be aware that if you put too much flash on it can have a negative impact on search results, and then your site will not receive any traffic.





Ocala businesses should want to do online marketing, but more importantly they need to understand they NEED online marketing.  Especially if they want to survive in today’s market.  An easy, but time consuming first task is to open social media accounts (a bunch of them) that link back to your website.  This would be considered the ground work to ranking your site.  You would also need to manage the social media sites and add content to them on a weekly basis.  If you don’t have time I would suggest hiring a social media management company.


Building a foundation with social media lays the groundwork for search engine optimization.  As I said before – content is king.  Your site needs to be optimized for your keywords.  These keywords need to be randomly placed within your content – in the body, as H2 tags, in the meta tag, etc.  If you don’t know what you’re doing make sure you hire an SEO consultant because the worst thing you can do is do it incorrectly and receive a Google penalty.