Preparing for Singing Auditions





Auditions can be very intimidating, even for a professional. They may not be the nicest thing to do, but everyone has to do them. They are part of life as a singer. In this article you will learn six helpful tips which will help you prepare for your next audition.  Before you read the tips you need to know, “Am I good at singing?”  This might sound redundant, but it’s a question that needs to be answered first with all ego removed.

1. Research first

You need to gather as much information as possible. Find out what you will be using. Will you be using a mic, if so what type of mic? Find out as much as possibly can. If you are going to an area that is unfamiliar to you, make sure you get the right location and how to get there. You should also study the list requirements and call if unsure about anything.

2. Audition practice.

Practice makes perfect. You should ensure that you practice every little detail once you have collected the data, this will help you polish your expertise. If you know there will be a mic with a cord, practice with the same and know how to hold it if it is necessary.  Also if there will be camera, pretend there is one during your practice session.

3. What to wear.

For a performance outfit, make sure you choose something comfortable. You should be able to strike a balance between good looking and feeling comfortable.

4. Do what you know best.

When choosing a song to sing, choose the one that you can give the best and ensure that the choice of song is within your cord range. Make sure it is something within your expertise area.

5. Preparation.

Make sure you prepare everything the night before. Make a list and make sure you check your list before leaving the house, this way there is no way to miss anything.

6. On stage.

During your performance on stage, you need to try to be as comfortable as possible especially if it involves cameras. Many of us do experience stage frights. Before you approach the stage, close your eyes and take three deep full breaths and convince yourself everything is going to be okay.

In this world, for anything to be successful, proper preparation is the key. Using the tips provided in this article before your audition will increase the chances of you giving it your best.