History of the Rainbow Finch

Rainbow Finch



The spectacle of the rainbow is best depicted in the Rainbow Finch yet the bird knows itself and that is why it brings the rainbow to those who see it. The bird which is popularly known in Australia as Gouldian Finches is a beautifully colored grass-finch that is small in size and appealing in look. These birds come in various forms with their distinctive pigment being a primary definitive attribute. The small confident birds have been the eye of many. Their distinctive look and seasonal movement has made them a jewel of the sky.

The history of the Rainbow Finch starts in the tropical climates. The birds are said to have originated from the tropical northern sub-coastal areas in Western Australia in Derby. The birds are known to be the only grass finch that nests exclusively in hollows within the treed or the holes that are within the termite mounds. Derby in Western Australia proved to be an ideal place for the birds. The journey of life for this birds changed when some of them moved from the Derby area to the Gulf of Carpentaria that also harbored similar environmental and breeding condition. This marked the beginning of dispersal of the Rainbow Finch.

Decades later, the seasonal birds in search of a better environment and out of the population pressure pull moved to the Central Cape York Peninsula. From this point, the birds migrated to various tropical environments that supported their breeding. The Rainbow Finch are known to be common in the north and the north western parts of the Cape York Peninsula with periodic and seasonal movement to tropical areas. The spectacle of this birds is often better portrayed in the calm coastal areas. You will however never meet them in the cold or in turbulent climatic areas.



Following its seasonal movements in various parts of the world, the bird beauty has made it domesticated by many people. There are several birds scattered in various places in the world as domestic pets. Considering that outside its breeding period the bird is a migratory bird, the presence of this bird in many places in common. However, the birds always exist in small colonies that settle in a particular place for some time before moving to a new place. Nevertheless, the rainbow finch is selective of the place that it visits. The Rainbow Finch is rarely found in areas that are far from large water bodies. The bird if domesticated will have to be supplied with sufficient amounts of water.

The history of the bird is one that similar to many birds. However, its next destination is unknown considering that there are many tropical areas that the migratory bird has not explored. If you live in a tropical area, do not be surprised when a colony of beauties visit your place regularly. The true glare and glamour of the rainbow often lives in these beautiful creatures. Some believe that they are yet to settle while other people think that they will never settle.


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