How To Save Money and Time With Internet Data Extraction



The process of extracting data is called data scraping, and can be accomplished by using proven software programs.  Any person, company,  or organization can use data scraping and receive data from targeted customers, a certain industry, or anything that is on the internet such as email addresses, search terms, or websites.


Many marketing companies will use data extraction to market individual products to a certain industry to reach their targeted customers.  For example – if a company wanted the contact information for a restaurant located in Dallas, TX, a good data scraping software can extract this information so the marketing company can market their product to that restaurant.  If the same marketing company wanted to go find new customers, it could extract data of targeted customers and can contact them through snail mail, telephone, and email marketing therefore building huge lists and leads to grow their company.


Internet Data Extraction


When a website is built it uses a specific language – either XHTML or HTML, and contains hidden nuggets of data – all in text form.  Because most pages are designed with human users it made it hard for automated use, so tools had to be created that could accomplish data scraping.  Basically, a scraper is an API designed to extract data from any web site.  Any good data extraction software can create an API to scrape data for your use.



Email Extraction


An tool that can extract reliable email addresses with automatic ease is known as an email extractor.  It serves to collect business email addresses from any web page, text file, HTML file or from any format without duplicate email addresses.


Collection of Data


Data transfer between computer programs happens through an automated process by computers – not people.  These protocols and formats are highly structured, parsed, and well-documented.  They very rarely can be read by human eyes.  This is why data scraping is so important.  It distinguishes itself from parsing by that the output is intended for a human to be able to read.


Data Mining


The process of extracting patterns from any bit of information is known as data mining.  Data mining has become highly important in transferring data into readable information.  The formats this includes can be HTML, CSV,  or MS Excel or any other format that you require.




Screen Scraping


The method of reading text information for a terminal screen or collecting visual data from any online source (instead of parsing data like web scraping) is known as screen scraping.