How You Can Spend Your Time When Visiting Tampa, FL




When traveling on vacation we relate to sunny weather, sandy beaches and a great deal of outdoor fun. Well, there is no better city you can experience a great holiday experience than Tampa, FL.To get the real Tampa feel you must personally visit the Tampa attraction. If you have never been to here you are probably familiar with the local sports teams bearing the Tampa Bay name. Tampa Bay refers to the body of water adjacent to the city of Tampa. Briefly described are four of the best Tampa attraction experiences you must try out.  They are the best since they hire the best seo firm Tampa to handle their online marketing.

1. Adventure into the Busch Gardens

When the Busch Gardens first opened in 1959, it started as a visitor center for anyone eager to tour the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Today it has transformed into one of the city’s main Tampa Attraction entertainment destinations. Today the brewery is no longer existent but the 300 mile garden is a treasure trove of exotic wild animals. World class shows, thrilling roller coaster rides such as the famous Scorpion, Montu, Kumba, Sheikra, Cheetah Hunt. The new 335 foot tall Falcon Fury ride is the scariest challenge you will ever remember. During summer or spring, check out Adventure Island situated at the Busch Gardens water park.



2. Bike, Walk or Jog along Bayshore Boulevard

Bayshore Boulevard is one of the most scenic routes anywhere in the world and a major Tampa Attraction. The 4.5 mile sidewalk is the longest sidewalk in the world. As you move along the path you will see miles of stunning viewpoints overlooking Hillsborough Bay. On the land are several historic and grandiose homes which are owned by some of Tampa’s wealthiest inhabitants. Early morning jogs, biking or strolls are perfect for catching the rising sun.

3. Catch a Game

There are several local sensational sport teams whose events whose games qualify as a top Tampa attraction. For instance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay hockey teams, Tampa Bay soccer. University of South Florida football (Bulls), as well as basketball teams. If you decide to go for one of Tampa Bay sporting events, ensure that you dress accordingly. Always dress in adherence to the weather conditions. Not all the time will it be scorching sunshine conditions, sometimes the weather gets very chilly and drops really low.

4. Visit the Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay, like other North American town has a rich history. Located near Downtown Tampa, the History Center gives us more insights into the early inhabitants; Tocobaga and Calusa Native Americans who made West Central Florida their home thousands of years ago.

300 years after the first Spanish explorers arrived in this region, European Americans arrived too and made their mark by building Fort Brooke. After several years of existence, it was eventually chartered into a city. A good number of Tampa attraction sites today came up during this period. Later on in the late 1800s stretching to early 1900s it was a cigar production hub, drawing in Cuban, Italian, Spanish and German immigrants in their thousands. There is a lot more you can discover about Tampa if you visit this great center.

There are still other incredible Tampa Attraction sites such as The Columbia restaurant, University of Tampa campus, Sacred Heart Catholic church and many others.